Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Sour Green Apple

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Sour Green Apple from Its Pixy is manufactured by your friends at Shijin Vapor. A favorite of kids young and old, this vape brings together a sweet and sour flavor that is perfectly balanced to delight the taste buds. The sour is enough to give you that kick, but overly so.

When inhaling and exhaling this e-liquid, it will give a burst of sour and sweet flavor of green apple. A great thing is that the taste will not change of shift. It provides a consistent treat for your taste buds. The throat hit is subtle and refreshing. You will feel like drinking real fruit juice and there will be no chemical like sensation.

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Bottle Size

100 ML

Nicotine Level

0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG




Sour Green Apple Candy

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