Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Blue Slushee

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Propaganda has released e-liquids capturing just about all of the most popular flavor profiles in the vaping industry. With the release of The Hype Blue Slushee by Propaganda E Liquid, they’ve finally released a vape juice that captures the much-loved flavor of blue raspberry. It’s just like a trip to your favorite quick mart.

Are you a fun of slushees? If you are then then The Blue Hype Slushee would be ideal for you. The sugary taste of the sweet blue raspberry slushee in this flavor would conquer your taste buds with a good feeling. On inhalation you get a cool and refreshing flavor followed by an awesome blue raspberry exhale. It has a smooth throat hit that won’t leave you in irritation or cough.

Additional information

Bottle Size

60 ML

Nicotine Level

0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG




Blue Raspberry, Slushee