Cyclops Vapor Fubar

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E-liquids with cereal flavor profiles are some of the most popular products in the vaping industry currently, and Fubar by Cyclops Vapor nails the cereal vape juice flavor with its blend of toasty cereal topped with sugar, powdered cinnamon and a big helping of sweet, cold milk.

Your breakfast is now going to become much more delicious and tasteful with the addition of Cyclops Vapor Fubar on the table. It features all the ingredients required to make an e-juice remarkable. You will enjoy the taste of toasty cereal having delicious toppings of powdered cinnamon, sugar, and of course, cold milk.


Additional information

Bottle Size

60 ML

Nicotine Level

0 MG, 3 MG, 6 MG




Cinnamon, Milk

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